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How social media has changed the fashion industry

The growth of social media has been one of the great phenomena of the 21st century, and its evolution has affected virtually every aspect of our lives. Given the fact that it is heavily built around the concepts of image and appearances, the fashion industry has unquestionably been one of the great beneficiaries.

I know that my relationship with brands and fashion, in general, has changed over the past decade or so. Facebook, Instagram, et al. have certainly been at the heart of those adaptations. Here are just five ways in which social media has changed the fashion industry for me, you, and brands alike.

#1. More Valuable Interactions

Spoiler alert: social media focuses on two-way social interactions. In addition to changing communications with friends and family, it has transformed the relationships enjoyed with brands. Fashion marketing teams know that 90% of shoppers interact with brands on social media. And they target us accordingly.

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