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How Genetic Testing is the New Era of Medical Tech

Since we don’t know who could be at risk of developing severe COVID-19 symptoms, how can we effectively roll out a vaccine? Genetics has a hopeful window into the future of medical treatment. Understanding genetic testing and it’s relation to predicting severe COVID-19 risk could change the way we distribute the COVID vaccine.

What does it take to achieve herd immunity?  According to most medical experts, a population needs 70% to 85% of its members vaccinated to reach the goal of herd immunity.  But with vaccination rates going so slowly, new variants will trigger the need for another round of mass vaccination.  If the second round does not move faster than its predecessor, the pattern will continue.

With all this headache surrounding the actions of billions around the world, vaccines alone can’t be trusted to protect some people.  Understanding COVID-19 risk is vital for people with a wide variety of health conditions.

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