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Literally Everything you Need to Know About Tiktok

It’s October 2020 and for the past 10 months the year has been filled with news stories about Coronavirus and the US presidential election. That said, perhaps the third most talked about thing this year has been Tiktok, the video based social media app which seems to have taken the world by storm with even more downloads than Facebook and Instagram this year! The app is now the 6th largest social media app in the world!

By now I am sure that the majority of people will have had at least some exposure to many of the app’s viral videos and channels. However, at this point, the question “so what actually is Tiktok” would most likely get you laughed out of the room! Have no fear we’ve got you covered, in this post we will bring you up to speed and give you everything you need to know about Tiktok.


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