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Microlearning: Bite-Sized Learning, Big Results

Microlearning is the future of workplace training, with 94% of professionals saying that their learners prefer it over traditional methods. This new development in training stems from the slew of challenges that the current popular forms of workplace training present. On average, employees are given just 24 minutes per week for learning. In fact, many employees actually get no training, and 59% of them are entirely self-taught. Even when training is offered, there are several barriers to joining, rendering the traditional training models ineffective. 

The current tools create a poor experience for learners. In the current state, it is difficult, time consuming, confusing, and costly to offer personal training models to employees. In fact, a small, one-time, in-person training event can cost $40,000 to run. It is for these reasons and more that microlearning has moved into the spotlight.

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