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The Best SEO Techniques You Can Do

If you’ve been doing Search Engine Optimization for a while now, then you know how hard it is to keep up with SEO techniques that still work. Due to Google’s everchanging algorithm, SEO techniques can change without a moment’s notice. This is why you need to keep up with strategies that can help you get on that coveted first page and get rid of the ones that are no longer working – or worse, are actually hurting your page ranking. In this guide, we’ll show you the best SEO optimization techniques that work like well-oiled machines.

  1. Topics vs. Keywords

Everyone thinks that the right set of keywords is the secret ingredient for successful page optimization. While this is still true enough, keywords will no longer be enough to get you where you want to land. With Google’s Panda updates, search results are now more focused on understanding the intention of the users. In short, you need to focus on what your target audience is looking for and create content that will satisfy their query.

The first thing you can do this is target user research. Get to know your target audience thoroughly – their age, location, their likes, and needs. The better you know them, the better you can accordingly create content, ultimately helping your SEO. Once you have better content,  you should organize them in themes. Don’t just focus on one set of keywords, when you can write under different relevant topics that can help boost your site’s optimization.

  1. Go Mobile

It’s evident that we are rapidly becoming a mobile-first society. Your target audience will likely not engage with your site if it isn’t optimized for mobile use. If your website isn’t mobile yet, then you should consider taking a look at Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). AMP is an open source framework used for creating insanely fast mobile pages. Using AMP can enhance users’ mobile experience and improve on-site metrics. It can also help your SEO score as Google favors sites that load faster.

  1. Youtube SEO

If you make a google search, the chances are high that the first thing to come up is a link to a Youtube video. In fact, Youtube videos usually rank in the top 10 of Google search, compared to other video sources. It is also one of the most popular search engines with nothing less than 3 million searches every month. Creating SEO friendly Youtube videos can help you not only get ranked on Google but also on the site as well. Here’s what you can do:

  • Create SEO Friendly Videos. Optimize your Youtube videos by using smart keywords and including them in your video titles, file names, and descriptions.
  • Create longer videos. Longer videos tend to do well on Youtube, especially ones that are instructional and informational. Try to make ones that are longer than 5 minutes.
  • Use Great Video Thumbnails. An attractive video thumbnail will help your videos get more views. This doesn’t necessarily improve your SEO, but can still help your rank because of a high amount of views.

  1. Advertise on Facebook

Social media is a fantastic platform to share content and gain website traffic and engagement. What’s more, Facebook advertising is incredibly cheap! It’s an excellent way to earn natural links. We all know that building high-quality links is one of the main things that can get your site ranked. Facebook ad campaigns are particularly useful in promoting linkable assets. If you have high-quality content that is relevant, the higher the chances are of your site gaining the right kind of backlinks that can boost your SEO score.

  1. Analytics and Reporting

Another crucial part of any SEO campaign is reporting and analytics. By monitoring how your SEO is doing, you can effectively improve on the parts that are working, and get rid of the techniques that aren’t.  By using an analytics tool, you can track small and significant events, have a better understanding of your target audience and keep up with your successes.

SEO is extremely fast-paced and always evolving. Strategies that worked well years ago may as well hurt your SEO campaign nowadays. Keeping up-to-date with the best SEO techniques will propel you to your goals. Not keeping up will ruin all of the hard work you’ve put in. Whether you like it or not, if you want a successful SEO campaign and better traffic for your website, you better buckle in for the long haul.

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