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Top 3 Best Websites to Create Videos for Social Media

73% of marketers created videos for social media at least twice a month in 2018 and there are specific reasons why. Video storytelling is one of the strongest weapons we as marketers have to engage our audience.

Not only 93% of the businesses which posted videos online have claimed to win a new customer thanks to video marketing on social media, but also 80% of social media users are more likely to make a purchase after watching a video from brands on social media.

Video marketing on social media helps brands retain their audience’s attention, improves audience understanding of their product, which leads to less support calls, increases the amount of converting actions and boosts sales. 

However, video creating and editing can be a real headache without the right tools to do it! As the need to share online videos increases, hiring a professional to do so every time we want a video post is neither cheaper nor fast.

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