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Video marketing the future of content marketing as cited in Forbes magazine. For optimum efficiency, digital convergence and connectivity are integrated into existing internal networks and external systems in the form of various devices, interfacing with computer networks, communication systems, and consumer electronics, including the entertainment medium and standard mass media. Today, the benefits derived from video marketing are multiple for the business or company that reveals its products, and or services.

Video marketing is part of digital marketing. One of the significant benefits of video marketing is its cost-effectiveness, and the ability persuade viewers to buy the product or services of a particular person, business, or company. The use of digital marketing is on the assumption that the video package is of high quality and can successfully communicate across different types of viewers or audiences.

Cost-effectiveness may be defined as the ratio of the number of viewers to those who have responded to the call for trying out the product. If you have successfully uploaded a video marketing story on YouTube and have seen a significant rise in viewership, then the total number of people viewing the story can be compared to the total number of people who bought the product. Uploading on YouTube is not as expensive as showing a 30-second advertising clip on a television channel.

The mere fact that the product or service of a company or business has been exposed to various digital platforms like the company website, through email, through social media and YouTube is already a benefit for the company. Such method has saved the company thousands of dollars regarding time and the effort to get in touch with people as in live marketing.

Another benefit is the company, and its product can quickly shift to affiliate marketing, as when someone promotes other people’s products through an affiliate network. Video affiliate marketing is mainly about selling a product or products for others. This so-called “others” are producers or product owners, whether these are individuals, small business groups, or large companies. The affiliate marketing agent may advertise the products that he or she chooses to sell on a website, or through social media like Facebook and Twitter.

Reaching a sales target goal in a shorter period is another significant benefit of video marketing. This is attained by a simultaneous “attack” on various modes and platforms that maximize the product exposure within an insufficient time. Reaching a company’s sales quota through a well-planned video marketing dissemination is realizable.

Search engine optimization can be used to bring back customers to the website and engage the company on a sustained basis. SEO can be supplemented by press releases, email marketing campaign, YouTube marketing, and social media such as Facebook and Twitter and encourage searchers to connect to the company’s website.

A study found that “57 percent of online consumers were more likely to buy a product they were considering purchasing after watching a video demonstration of that product.” This means the audiovisual impact of video material is higher than that of a single press release without accompanying multimedia attachments.

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